Multiple Projects/Binders

…brand new to Scrivener, and before I start a quick question. I have 4 projects that I am working on, much of the research data and even notes may/will cross over. If I create a Binder for each project, “filing” notes and research where they best fit, will I be able to access the information in on Binder from another Binder without closing the Binder I am working within?

Yes. You can have several different Scrivener projects open at once and you can drag and text and research items between them …

That’s the short answer. The slightly longer answer continues:

… but if they share much of the same source material should they be separate projects anyway?

There’s no hard and fast rule on this: for some subjects I keep several smaller pieces of work in one project, for others, a single project would be too unwieldy. For those bigger jobs I will often drag material from one Scrivener project to another without any difficulties: it’s a lovely way of seeing chapters grow.

As MrGruff says, it is entirely possible to keep related projects in one Scrivener project. Just rename the “Draft” folder “Drafts”, then create a subfolder inside it for each project. You can compile each subfolder as though it is the entire draft. It depends how related they are, really.

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Thanks much!