multiple projects[NOTED]

is it possible to have more than one project open in scrivener simultaneously ? If so, how do I manage this?

Yes. I’m not sure what you mean by manage, but use Ctrl-O to open a project while you already have one open, or use the File menu to create a new project. Now both will be open in separate windows. Each will have their own entry in the taskbar so you can use Alt-Tab to flip between them.

Thanks, I haven’t tried it since the first beta edition but when I tried it, it would close the one i was working on and open the new one.

It should be working now—at least I’m having no difficulties doing so with XP.

I might be wrong but I thought in previous betas you could have a project open then click the Scrivener icon again and the Start Panel would pop up to open another project or create a new one. In Beta 1.55 now, when you have the “Show Start Panel when no project is open” ticked and you click on the Scrivener again inside of showing the Start Panel it shows the Options dialog.

Yes, you can have multiple projects open in Scrivener all at the same time.