Multiple Projects Open

I am new at Scrivener. I am impressed. I have tried all the other writing software for Windows. I was excited to see Scrivener coming to Windows.

I have converted my stuff over and placed one long project into Scrivener and the makings of other projects.

I was surprised to find that each project opens in its own window allowing me to have more than one project open at a time. I can jump back and forth between them as I wish so I can work on bits of two or more stories at a time. I also can have the reference materials and notes available in one project while working on a sequel or parallel story. I did not discover this on the other software I tried.

I worked for weeks and weeks trying to learn one software and got hardly any where and still could not get to writing. With Scrivener, I was working on a project in minutes. It took a bit to move my stuff in and set it up for Scrivener way. Now, I can plunk away happily.

I have had very little trouble with the beta using Windows 7, just the reported stuff of features not in full bloom yet. Can’t wait for the release version.

Way to go Keith and Lee and the others who worked so hard on Scrivener. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback - glad you are finding the program intuitive!