Multiple Screen Tip needed

Hello. I found a topic in whishlist but it didn’t solve my problem.

My writing setup is a 13" MBP on a table and a 17" monitor over it. I’d like to have the corkboard of a project on the MBP and the scrivenings window on the 17".

I do a cheat-workaround now that is stretching the window from one monitor to the other, but from time to time (right clicking some places and so on…) Scrievener shrinks the window to just one monitor.

Is there a way to do it? I think I’ve read Keith say somewhere that in 2.0 you could open different documents of the same project in different windows ¿is it possible?

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a desperate PhD student in need of a perfect setup. :smiley:



Different windows in the same project relates to QuickReference panels, which don’t show scrivenings mode. For your set up, you should use composition mode on one screen, and have the corkboard open on the other. To achieve this, go to the “Compose” pane of the preferences, deselect “Hide main window in composition mode”, and tick “Use secondary screen if available”.

Then you can open documents in composition mode on one screen while working in the main window on the other screen.

Hope that helps.

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Really helpful!!

Dind’t think I was going to make profit of all the complexities of Scrivener but everyday that passes I’m mora than happy of having bought your software to take command of my PhD.

Thanks a lot!!

Glad that helped!
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