Multiple script formats

I’ve asked this before but I’m still unable to get my head around it. I’ve got two documents in my current project both currently in Stage Play (UK) format. I want one to be a Stage Play (UK) and the other to be in screenplay format. However when I am in the document I want to convert and convert it using format -> Scriptwriting it changes BOTH to Screenplay even though I’ve ticked the box ‘Only change selected documents’ and only one document is selected. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

One thing worth mentioning is that each project can only have one script type assigned to it. You’ll need to work in parallel projects if you are writing a piece to two different styles. That doesn’t mean you cannot store documents with different scriptwriting styles, but they won’t be recognised and you wouldn’t be able to edit them easily.

Secondly, converting from Stage Play (UK) to Screenplay won’t be perfectly seamless, but you’ve probably already noticed that. The colon after the name will need to be manually removed, and there will be some letter case issues.

But, the selection to convert feature should be working. Do you have a sequence of steps I can follow, perhaps ideally with an uploaded sample project with instructions on how to proceed from the setup to see all documents converted, despite the option to only convert selected items?

One thing you could try is disabling scriptwriting mode for the one you don’t want to convert. Since it won’t be recognised as a script after changing the project script format, you wouldn’t really lose anything by doing that. Just hit Cmd–8 on the one you wish to preserve. This isn’t destructive, it only tells Scrivener to enable the scripting features in the editor. It’s in fact useful for writing normal prose interleaved with script, by toggling on and off as you write.