Multiple scriptwriting formats per project

tl;dr: Is it possible to have different documents within the same project have different script modes?


I’ve been using a particular custom script mode since ever. I’ve come up with a new one that I like much better, taking advantage of the features in S3. However, I have some existing projects that use the old mode, and I only want to apply the new mode to new documents I create in those projects. (Some of the old projects have hundreds of documents, and I don’t want to deal with converting all those others.)

In the context of the editor, “Script Mode” is essentially just a set of shortcuts for applying specific formatting to specific pieces of text. Which mode to use, if any, is defined on a per document basis.

However, remember that compiling the output document sticks multiple documents together. Normalizing the formatting across those documents will be significantly easier if they all start from the same place.