Multiple Scrivener instances installed on my computer

I’ve had Scrivener for Windows for about three years and recently upgraded to v3. I was in Programs and Features in Windows to deal with another issue and noticed that there are five instances of Scrivener installed on my computer. I have no idea why. Question is, can I uninstall all but v3? Here’s the list:

  • (488MB) 2/27/21
  • (502MB) 3/22/21
  • (358MB) 9/9/20
  • (503MB) 3/28/21
  • 19160 (183MB) 9/9/20
    That last one is particularly weird. I’m curious why updates did not clean up earlier version installations?
    Will uninstalling all but v3 create any problems?


The last one is probably the previous release version. The next to last one is the current release version. The others are beta versions. It’s safe to delete all of them. (Except V3 if you want to keep using Scrivener.)

Because v1.9 and v3 are completely separate, completely independent installations. You can run them both on the same PC, and, if you wish, simultaneously. If you have no need for v1.9, then as Kathrine says, feel free to delete it. I’ve kept v1.9 around on my PC, so I can reference very old projects that I can’t be bothered converting because I don’t want to have to rejigger the compile settings.


Thanks for confirming. It seemed pretty straightforward, but straightforward isn’t always so straight :). Appreciate the assist. thanks!

Heads up!!! Unfortunately for some reason you’re mistaken. Uninstalling just the two instances 19160 and destroyed or removed or otherwise disabled my v3. it appears I’m going to have to reboot and reinstall (the uninstaller is confused presently and can’t figure out what’s installed). Perhaps the registry was tweaked in an unfortunate way (but I’m just guessing about that). Back to the salt mine.

Nick, the right thing to do is first, uninstall them all.

If Windows 10 Apps won’t do it for some, then start again from the Start Menu button (far left on bottom of Win screen), and type Control Panel, click on that. This will give you the original Control Panel, still needed for such things.

Click the link for ‘uninstall programs’, and then find your Scrivener versions in the list. Click through to deleting them all. It will say something is mixed up or already uninstalled on some, no doubt, and ask if you want to remove from the list. Say yes every time.

Now you should be clean on the surface of things, and can download and install the very latest Scrivener, should be with easy success.

See if this doesn’t do it for you, and leave a good feeling :slight_smile:

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