Multiple selection and Edit scrivenings

I find myself wishing for a new behaviour when “selection affects alternate editorâ€

Interesting. Yes, I think this would be useful.


The reason Edit Scrivenings doesn’t happen by default - and why I wouldn’t want it to - is because it is quite expensive; that is, it could potentially be time consuming, so I wouldn’t want it ever to happen without the user clicking on “Edit Scrivenings” and thus making a conscious decision.

That said, I belive what you are asking for is a sort of “Edit Scrivenings in alternate editor”, which is an interesting idea… I will certainly consider it.


Yes, I agree, Keith. Edit Scrivenings might be far too addictive if presented by default. It should be a conscious decision. The part of Eiron’s suggestion I found intriguing was the “alternate editor” implication.

My Imac 2.16 core 2 duo doesn’t see your point at all, Keith, adding: “What expense? Edit Scrivenings is dirt cheap.”

My 12inch Powerbook completely agrees with you: “I’m sick of paying for every little whim Eiron’s wetware comes up with. Doesn’t anyone do anything manually anymore?”

My wetware brain has faith you’ll find a way, and is grateful for the consideration.

Thanks from the three of us.