Multiple Selection for Labels

Do you think it would be possible to allow for multiple selection of Labels?

So if you had a label for a Theme and an Actor, you could select both as labels for the card and then search and filter them accordingly.

Additionally, it would be nice to be able to also have these labels listed as column headings in the Outliner View so that specific notes could be made as to how a particular card relates to a particular label.

For instance, if you had a sub-plot, you could describe how a particular card advanced both the main plot, a character arc, a sub-plot, etc and filter the view accordingly.



You can customise the status field to hold anything you want, so if you need more than one label, you could use both the label and status field (e.g. “Label” could be renamed “POV” and “Status” could be renamed “Location”). Otherwise, use the keywords to tag documents for searching. Both the label and status fields can be viewed as outliner columns by clicking on the >> in the top-right of the outliner header bar and choosing to view the respective columns. There can be no way of assigning more than one label as it would be impossible for documents to have more than one colour assigned them given the current setup, and there is no interface for it.
Hope that helps.
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You could also try doing something like this:

Note I’ve used the same colour for them all, and just varied the darkness of them. I like to use colour like this to tie things together. The book I’m currently working on has sets of characters, where the sets themselves are more connected to a thread of plot than the other sets of characters. So I’ll use variations of colour matching the threads to the characters. From this I can tell at a glance that a document is a character reference for the “orange” plot line, by its relative lightness or darkness.

Putting a “Char:” in front of them all helps keep them separate from everything else—sub-categories if you will.