Multiple selection UI quirk; Beta 2.3.5 (build 20780)

If you select more than one container in the binder and then switch the editor to cork board mode, then add a new card to the topmost container’s section of the cork board, the addition of the document to the binder is shown, but the selection does not follow any containers that are shifted down by that addition.


If you add a “document2” below document 1, then the binder highlight that used to be on FolderA will stay put, instead highlighting document2.

Not a huge deal, but I’d think that either the selection needs to follow the object as it moves, or the selections should just be cleared, since they don’t actually reflect what you clicked on earlier.

Hmm, yes, the selection just isn’t touched at all by this action, so it stays where it is, although the items have shifted. I’ll add it to the list, although as a low priority item seeing as there’s a lot of other stuff I need to get through. :slight_smile:


All the best,

Yeah, it’s just a “hmm, that’s odd,” kind of thing for me, rather than an, “OH MY GOD I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS I HATE SCRIVENER WHY CAN’T YOU FIXT THIS NOW!!!@#@@!!!” kind of thing.

So long as it’s on a list, I feel I’ve done my duty, and will now blithely ignore the issue while I write.

How’s your NaNovel going, by the way?

Bah. :slight_smile:

Opening line? :wink: