Multiple Selection Won't Convert to Script Mode

In updating an old script project, I noticed that while it appears to be possible to select multiple documents and convert them to script format, doing so doesn’t actually work.

  1. Select multiple (non-script) documents in the binder and view as Scrivenings
  2. Choose Format>Scriptwriting>Script Mode

The footer looks right, showing the script elements, etc. and “Script Mode” is checked in the menu, but the icons in the binder haven’t changed.

  1. Close the Scrivenings session and click on any of the documents that was in it.

The document is no longer in Script Mode.

This happened in new projects as well as converted ones. Am I just doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

This is how it’s always worked. In scrivenings mode, script mode becomes more of a view option. When you enter scrivenings mode, it will use script mode if more scrivenings are scripts than aren’t. Once you are in scrivenings mode, you can switch back and forth between script mode and non-script mode, but it doesn’t have an effect on the constituent documents. I think it would be too presumptuous to convert all documents in the scrivenings collection to script mode.

Okay, I understand that the Scrivenings mode will be script or non-script based on the type of the majority of selected texts. What confused me was that I seemed to be able to convert the documents, but the conversion doesn’t really happen. Obviously I wouldn’t want Scrivener to just do this on its own based on the majority type of selected documents, but given that I could switch the mode myself I just assumed it was really doing that–changing the selected documents–rather than just appearing that way temporarily.

In this case, all I was trying to do was batch-convert documents to script mode, because only three of the script documents in an upgraded 1.54 project came in as scripts (although happily once I convert the others the elements are all recognized) so my problem is possibly unusual. But I found the behavior confusing, so I came running to you. :wink:

Is there a different way to select multiple documents and convert them at once?

There’s not, no. The trouble is that it’s perfectly legitimate to have both script and non-script documents in scrivenings mode - you might do that if you’re writing a treatment, for instance, or if you just like writing dialogue as script or whatever - and in that case you most certainly wouldn’t want all the documents you place in scrivenings to be converted to the current mode when you change modes.