Multiple selections

When doing a lot of reorganization (e.g. after import) it’s often necessary to select multiple documents. I’ve run into two situations in which it seems as if it should be possible, but I’ve been unable to find the magic:

In the binder:

  1. I want to select a range of documents (say the 2nd through the 23rd) of the total number within some folder. (I know I can individually click on documents while holding the command key, but what I want to do is click on the first and the last and get the entire range.)

  2. I want to select all the documents within a folder – not the folder itself, but all the contained documents.

I suspect both of these are possible already, but I don’t see it.

Shift key?

There doesn’t appear to be a shortcut for this but you could, of course, use click-shift-click.


Easiest way to select everything in a Folder is to click on the Folder and let it come up in Outliner or Corkboard view (depending on your preferences), then just hit Cmd-A to select all from within the Corkboard. They can be dragged to other spots in the Binder from there.