'Multiple Spaces to Space' not working properly

I’d been using the Text>Convert>‘Multiple Spaces to Space’ feature for a while quite successfully but recently when I highlight the text and select this feature, nothing happens except that the ‘text’ menu item stays highlighted in blue. When I then click away from the highlighted text, all the text disappears. I’ve a feeling this might be an issue when highlighting larger blocks of text but that is also when the feature is most useful. Any ideas? Thanks


Could you open up the console (~/Applications/Utilities/Console.app) and see what errors pertaining to Scrivener are reported there, and post them here? It sounds as though an exception has been thrown somewhere (i.e. a bug) which is stopping it working properly. Have you quit and restarted the app? If it is an exception error, then quitting and relaunching Scrivener should clear it (but obviously I’d still want to fix it!). If you quit and relaunch and it starts working again, could you please try to get it not working again and let me know what it takes to break it?

All the best,

Hi Keith
Here’s the error message in Console - I have just found out though that it works OK if I don’t highlight the text I want to change - I don’t know why I thought it was necessary to highlight first but I hope this might be of use to you anyway :slight_smile:

SampleCMPlugIn: CMM supports Attributes and Modifiers keys.
2009-06-04 11:41:55.417 DiskImages UI Agent[367] Could not find image named ‘background’.
Jun 4 12:28:09 LEE-SIGGS mDNSResponder: Repeated transitions for interface en0 (; delaying packets by 5 seconds
Unknown argument: -psn_0_7208961
2009-06-04 13:30:56.581 iLikeAgent[397] iLikeAgent launched
2009-06-04 13:30:56.584 iLikeAgent[397] Agent checking for updates: ilike.com
2009-06-04 13:30:57.363 iLikeAgent[397] update result: ok
2009-06-04 13:30:57.363 iLikeAgent[397] version OK
2009-06-04 13:30:57.365 iLikeAgent[397] iLikeAgent terminated
2009-06-04 14:23:02.544 Scrivener[400] <NSATSTypesetter: 0x4d6760>: Exception *** -[NSCFString _getBlockStart:end:contentsEnd:forRange:stopAtLineSeparators:]: Range or index out of bounds raised during typesetting layout manager <KBLayoutManager: 0x5ced950>
1 containers, text backing has 5587 characters
selected character range {0, 5588} affinty: upstream granularity: character
marked character range {5587, 0}
Currently holding 5587 glyphs with 0 glyph holes and 2 layout holes.
Glyph holes: ()
Layout holes: (
Hard layout hole for chars: {4284, 73},
Soft layout hole for chars: {4357, 1230}
, glyph range {4284 72}. Ignoring…
2009-06-04 14:23:02.547 Scrivener[400] Exception raised during background layout: *** -[NSCFString _getBlockStart:end:contentsEnd:forRange:stopAtLineSeparators:]: Range or index out of bounds
2009-06-04 14:23:02.548 Scrivener[400] *** -[NSCFString _getBlockStart:end:contentsEnd:forRange:stopAtLineSeparators:]: Range or index out of bounds