Multiple Split Views

Hello Keith and fellow Scriveners,

Suggestion: An option to have multiple split screens.
Usage Case: Translation. I usually need to have to display the source text, my translation, and either a word list or draft translation.

Background: I find Scrivener a useful tool for doing translations of academic books and research papers. In the previous version of Scrivener (version 2), there was a work around as discussed here:
However, in the latest version 3, this function no longer exists.
Though my immediate use case is for translation, I would also use multiple split views in making corrections to galley proofs from the printer and so on.

Any thoughts on this suggestion?

Scrivener 3 allows you to split the editor, add a copyholder to each half, open bookmarked documents in the Inspector, and have as many Quick Reference windows as you want. The idea that it offers less functionality than Scrivener 2 is simply false.

See Section 4.1.4 in the Scrivener manual for full details about the Editor options, Section 4.1.5 for more information about the Inspector.


Also, you can view and edit bookmarked documents in the inspector, for a 5th “split”, not counting the floating quick reference windows.