Multiple Splits?

Am I going mad or is there the ability to have more than two documents open in the “split view”? I am sure you could have more, or did I imagine it.

You must have been having a Scrivener Dream or something. It’s only ever had the ability to open two documents at once. Well, technically three if you get all convoluted with full screen and zero opacity, but yes. :slight_smile:

Ah well … many thanks for the reply.

Well, two is one more than any other application on the market, to the best of my knowlege. :slight_smile:

I was actually wishing for the same feature too, I am translating from Japanese and I wanted to see my scanned document, my vocabulary list and my translation all at the same time. It’s a bit awkward to switch between windows for this kind of task…

Then yesterday I found the perfect solution. I make a horizontal split, in the top frame I open my Japanese pdf, in the bottom frame I open my translation. Then I resize the notes area to make it bigger and paste my vocabulary list into it. As you can see in the attached screenshot it even retains the table and all formatting. That’s just great and the perfect solution for me. I guess this could be a workaround for many wishing for a three split view…

Thank you Keith for making such cool software!

Thanks, Hatsuyuki! That was a nice tip and I appreciate the screenshot. My current project require me putting together material from my collaborators. We’re in radically different fields, so the job is essentially one of translation, not cut and paste. The work is easier when I use your approach. I put the sections I want to integrate into notes and the top pane, and then develop my version in the bottom. Much better than shifting windows!

hatsuyuki, that’s a very intruiging screenshot! Which Murakami are you translating: Haruki or Ryu? And are you doing it as an exercise or will your translation be published?

Sorry for these intrusive questions, but no one can post a screenshot of an ongoing Murakami translation without arousing my curiosity …

Hello Jan,
I’m translating Murakami Haruki, to be specific a few essays from â€

Hello All,

It looks like I’m reviving an old thread here, but it concerns an issue with split screens that has me beleaguered.

I, like Hatsuyuki, am using Scrivener as tool in my translation work between Japanese <> English. I have the original text, the target language, and also a word list. The original text is in text format or PDF format. The target language is in text format. And the word list is in PDF format. I need to have these three documents displayed in the process of translating.

Is it possible to have all the three documents displayed using multiple screens?

If not, it is feature I believe that especially translators would definitely require and thus would like to formally request this.

Looking forward to your guidance.


Darren McDonald
Based in Tokyo
Currently in Sheffield, UK.

Hi, Darren, I too am involved in translation, though rather as an editor of translations done by Chinese. I normally work on a MacBook Air 13", with the translation I’m editing in the left split, and the source text in the right. However, I’ve just been working on a big—and rushed as always when dealing with the Chinese, who seem to think all you need to do is run the Chinese through Google Translate!—project, where it was necessary to have the original translator’s work open as well as the source text and the text I was working on at the same time. My solution was to open the source Chinese in a Quickreference window; select in the binder then Documents > Open > as Quickreference, or right click on the document and select Open > as Quickreference from the contextual menu. Worked for me, though I changed to my 17" MBP as the extra screen real-estate made things easier.

I believe, though don’t hold me to this, that it was said somewhere on a forum thread, that v. 3 might give more possibilities when it comes out. I’m not holding my breath though; I love Scrivener well enough as it is.


Mr X

Hi Mr X,

You have an interesting work around that I will definitely look into. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

I too work on my MacBook Air 13" for much of the time, but find it a real treat when I am on my 27" iMac when I am at home. It would be wonderful to have the extra split screen when working in full-screen mode. So here is hoping that an extra split screen (or more) will come out with a future release - though I am looking forward to the iPad version before this new feature is added.

By the way, as a academic in Japan, I have the luxury of choosing which books to translate and the timeline I work to. But it when I do take on translation jobs, I too get annoyed with being told that all I have to proofread- to find that it was a machine translation or a very poor attempt at translation. So, it is only translation I now perform.

I too love scrivener and will be putting it to work on a number of projects - translation and research - to come. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Darren McDonald
Based in Tokyo
Currently in Sheffield, UK.