Multiple styles in one paragraph

I’m an academic writer using the APA 6th edition style guide. 3rd level headings in APA are indented 0.5", bold, lowercase, with period after them, but with the paragraph text directly after them (not on the next line).

I haven’t been able to figure out a way in Scrivener 3 to apply a paragraph style to just the heading - it changes the whole paragraph. This is an epic PITA when it comes to compiling it to Word and creating an automatic table of contents. Am I missing something, or is this a feature that doesn’t exist in Scrivener?

You’re right, there is no way to create a genuine outline level heading that excludes any paragraph text following it on the same line. Scrivener only deals in block level elements at the stylesheet outline level.

It does of course have the run-in heading option as a Section Layout setting under the “Title Options” tab, and you can create and apply a style that only applies to the heading (which, in the Layout “Formatting” tab represents itself on a single line), but when compiling, the action of affixing it to the paragraph will cause the whole paragraph to become a level 3 outline element in the final ToC—which I imagine is what you’ve noticed already.

I have no idea how to make a proper run-in heading in a word processor, that’s not my area of expertise, so this may not be the best advice, but the way I’d approach it is by ignoring that precise formatting while in Scrivener—just format it is a normal block level heading on its own line as “Heading 3”, and then later on in the word processor do whatever is required to make text assigned to that style flow into the following paragraph. I’m probably thinking about this from a LaTeX-ish point of view though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification - it’s even good to know that I’m not missing something. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be putting that level of detail in the Table on Contents once I’ve compiled it into Word anyway, so simply formatting the text bold rather than a specific style should be just fine!