multiple system/platform use, windows purchased, mac trial

The subject covers my question if overly succinctly.

I generally Scrivener for windows. Once in a while though, I find myself with no options outside of using a mac. I didn’t buy the dual platform license, and so the mac use would be trial version.

I have not done this yet, largely because I don’t want to blow up my current project if something goes wrong.

My question is simply what happens if you open a project from windows full version on mac trial. I have actually never used the trial version, so I don’t even know what I’d be losing if it works perfectly. Mostly though, I want to know if it can be done safely.

The two platforms use the exact same file format, and the trial version is functionally identical to the paid version. So no, you shouldn’t encounter any serious issues.

There are some differences between the two platforms that you should be aware of, though, discussed here: … patibility

With all that said, taking an extra backup before switching systems is never a bad idea.