Multiple Toplines / Headlines for Time and date reffrence

Hi Everyone,

first of all I hope I am posting this on the correct board. I have a question regarding the toplines on pages when compiling a document of serval chapters.
I am talking about the Line at the verry top of the page, which by default shows:

Authors Name / Title / Page Count.

Is it possible to have a second Line where I colud put some text, which for example shows the date, time and location in regard to the chapter it belongs to ? I would ike to do something like

24.12.2012 Frankfurt, Airport

If the chapter takes place at this location on this date and time.

Does anyone know if this is possible with Scrivener ?

Well, for one thing you won’t be able to insert section dependent data into the header like this. When using the PDF/Print output, there is one special token available that will print the name of the last item that generated a page break, [b]<$sectiontitle>[/b]. But right now there is no way to do something similar for document level tags like [b]<$custom:Time and Location>[/b] (which is how I assume you are storing that info, in a custom meta-data column).

That aside, two-liners are something you can specify. You need to hold down the Option key when inserting special whitespace characters like carriage returns and tabs into fields. In my experience, you’ll want to format this after compiling, in a word processor; you otherwise risk the first line rolling off the top of the page’s printable area.

Thanks a lot, well if its not possible to do it directly in Scrivener, I will need to do it afterwards a little less conveniently :wink:

For the Custom meta Tags, I dd not use them yet, but actually you have a good point there, this will be a good place to store this information. For a verry simple beginnging, I was just thinking about storing it manually in a document specific headline.

Thanks for the Help non the less !