Multiple versions of a project

Hi, all:
I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep multiple versions of a project so that I can return to an earlier version to edit, if necessary, and also allow project statistics to maintain an accurate word count. .
The Facebook Scrivener page suggested Snapshot, but that doesn’t appear to accomplish what I want. In the screenshot, you will see there are 3 versions of a story on which I was working. However, the statistics dialog box also maintains a running count of the words for all 3 versions in total (each version is approximately 1,000 words); If I want to see the word total for only, say, V3, I don’t see how to do that. I want to maintain V1 and V2 because there may be parts that I had to cut for submission limits that I don’t want to completely get rid of. Thanks!

If Windows is like the Mac, then if you click on the Options tab of that dialogue, there’s a setting for ‘Current Compile Group only’ — by default that limits the count to the Draft folder (unless you’ve changed the compile group at compilation time, in which case, just change it back there). Make sure ‘Current Compile Group only’ is ticked.

Then create a folder (‘Previous versions’) outside the draft group and move Versions 1 and 2 into it — they’ll then be ignored for compilation, and hence for word counts. If you want the Project Target / Session Target HUD to do the same, there’s a similar setting in its Option dialogue (on the HUD itself).


Thank you for your reply. Yes, you’re correct–I am using Windows, although the option you mentioned, “Current Compile Group only” does not appear to exist for me. I think I wasted $50 on this program–not user friendly at all :frowning:

I did create two separate folders, one for the final version and one for the drafts, but the Project Statistics box still indicates the total word count for all 3 versions.


That’s because you’ve still included the previous versions in the Draft Folder, so they’re still being included in compilation, because that’s what the Draft folder does by default.

As I said in my post, you need to move the Previous Versions folder out to the same level as the Draft folder, not within it and see what happens.

There are some differences in the wording of the settings between Windows and the Mac, and for now the version of Windows you’re using isn’t quite so powerful, but you should still be able to get this to work (it’s a fundamental part of the program).

If you still have problems after this, then try unticking the ‘Include in Compile’ box for the previous versions in their Inspectors. (I don’t think this will be necessary — moving the folder to the top level should be enough — but as I said, I don’t have a non-beta version of Windows to test it with.)


See attached to see what “move the Previous Versions folder out to the same level as the Draft folder” looks like. Each version of this example has 1,005 words (not sure why it’s saying 1,009) but because the two previous versions are no longer in the Draft folder, they don’t get counted.

I would just save it with a name that includes the date. So, in March save the jones project as jonesmarch2018. then in April save it as jonesapril2018. Then in may etc. This gives you a complete project as it stood on whatever date you wish. That way each project is the entire project and nothing but the project as of that date.

That works! Thank you. I hadn’t realized that I could add the folder at the draft level instead of under it. Thanks for your insight. I appreciate it very much.