Multiple versions to compare

I have managed to save different versions of Scrivener holding various bits of the same project. Is it possible to compare versions of Scrivener?

Yes and no.
There is no “compare documents” function in Scrivener, in which you can compare two different projects. Instead you have the Snapshot function, which saves the current version of the project “under the hood” so to speak. When you later have made a number of changes to the project, you can compare the new current version with the saved Snapshot.

A Scrivener project can consist of a myriad of files so it’s hard to see how an intelligent “compare projects” function should work. How should it even now which documents to compare, if you have split some or inserted new ones, or moved som parts, etc.

I wonder if the best way isn’t to print out each project in a pdf file, and then to compare them (there are some apps, which are able to do that, on Mac OS I’m used to use Beyond Compare, but that means to compare only two files at a time)

Just to point out here that the Snapshot function works per DOCUMENT, not per PROJECT.