Multiple (well, two) "N/A" entries in Section Types

I updated a project from v 2.8(.2, I think? whatever the latest version was before 3.0 released)->v3.0, and am getting ready to compile. I went to Project->Project Settings to look over the new Section Types, and noticed this:

I haven’t set this before now, so I wonder 1) where these entries came from; and, 2) why there are two of them?

(This is the default types by structure:

I feel reasonably confident that I can delete them without ill effect, but am curious if others have seen this?

The “N/A” section type will be added and assigned to any documents that had been set to “Compile As-Is” in Scrivener 2.

You could indeed delete them safely, though you might first want to run a project search for “N/A” and see about setting the section type on those to something appropriate. You can set project search to only look in “Section Types” from its magnifying glass menu, if that’s returning too many results.

As for why you have two, that’s a good question. If the project (the original backed up copy in v2 format) is something you could let us have a look at, we could take a look at see what happened.

I’d love to know how an extra “N/A” got added, too, as I’ve checked the code and cannot figure out the trigger - could you please send us the original 2.x project (the version that was backed up in the same folder when you updated)?