Multiple windows of same project open at once?

Hi, I’d like to have a second window open for the same project. Not a split window, which I know how to do, but an entirely new window of the same project. This way I can have my current main working file visible in one window and use the second window to skip around between files as I compile information from research.

I often do a similar thing in the Apple Mail app. I have one window open showing current messages while a second window is being used to search/research within my own message archives. The option is available under File/New Viewer Window.

Any option like this in Scrivener? Thanks!

Just open the main file as a Quick Reference Window (right click > Open > As Quick Reference. You can set the QR window to just show the editor, or to include any of the Inspector Panels.

In this screenshot I have the full Scrivener Window on the left and a QR window for the working file (‘View Multiple Groups’) on the right.

Is that the sort of thing you’re after?

Obviously, you can still split the left hand window and use copy holders to get four ‘reference’ documents in that view as well as the main window on the right.

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Slightly different than what I had in mind, but definitely works. Thanks!

An often overlooked feature is that you can enable a “Bookmarks” sidebar for any Quick Reference pane, which can serve as a miniature sub-Binder for frequently referenced documents.


Thanks for that tip! Very useful