Multiple Windows.

I would love to see something like the Vertical/Horizontal Split, but being able to split into different windows. And being able to go into Full Screen Mode on either side. (Great for those with more then 1 monitor.) Currently as a workaround I have a different Scriv opened up for note taking and such… It’s nice to be able to have both in Full Screen mode. But you can’t do anything like a scrivener link between two documents. (at least not that I’m aware of.)

My two cents.

Yup! There are plans for being able to open individual documents in separate “mini-editors” which we call QuickReference panels. This will be seamlessly integrated with the existing interface as an auxiliary to the split interface. Oh, and incidentally we will also be creating a way to link from one project note to another, too. Both will probably come with the 2.0 version of Scrivener.