Multiple windows ?

I am writing chapters where I need to keep going back and forth between my text and maps and reference docs to pick up locations, turns, technical stuff etc.
Is there any way to open more than one window ? I keep moving to different point in my docs and when I click back to them after visiting maps I get back to different points.
If there isn’t … then this would be a very useful area for the developer to explore imho.

Why not split the editor or use QuickReference panes?

See manual…
14.4 Splitting the Editor
21.2 QuickReference

Ahhh … got it ! Many thanks for that :laughing: QR is the best for me.

Happy to help.

Just a follow up on this …

The QuickReference panes is exactly what I wanted. So great that it is available in Scrivener.

However as an aside I do find that the actual pragmatic usefulness of QuickReference panes is made difficult by the overall design of the Scrivener interface.

Because the folder tree panel on the left is constant, as is the panel on the right, with notes etc. there is little available screen space to make good use of the QuickReference panes. And yes I can see that I can narrow the left and right panes … but that is ugly and a nuisance imho.

As a writer using scrivener I would dare to opine that it would be a nice feature i a future version to have a pop-out feature for the left folder tree pane (similar to the bookmarks pop out feature in Safari browser ?) or a mouseover auto pop out. Maybe the same for the right hand too.

I can see that in the Compose Mode they disappear … which is nice. But the QuickReference panes stay bright.

Anyway. Just an idea.

But you can hide the binder and inspector whenever you want - there are even buttons for this in the toolbar…

Hold crap … I hate when I have ideas … :unamused:

Can I open a QuickReference for a “document notes” ?

You can choose to show the document notes in QR using the pop-up button at the bottom of the QR window.

Ah ok. Under “Notes” Got it. :smiley: