Multiples screens /language/editing

Dear Scrivener,

I find the possibility of Spliting the screen in two very useful indeed.
I would find fantastic to be able to split it in 3 or more screens. With the use of an appropriate computer screen (or multiples screens), this is something that is commonly done in banking and many other jobs. I normaly use at least 4 text files opened.

Other than tha: a french dictionnary spell checker.

and being able to use the usual shortcuts while writing in scrivener (such as Ctrl+B for Bold etc etc …)… I find that disturbing not to be able to fast pass text into bold form.

So far so good

Yeah, I think the ability to open Scrivener in multiple windows would be fantastic. It seems like a no-brainer if you have multiple screens and want them all out individually in front of you.

A future update of Scrivener will allow you to split the editor more than once. Also, like the Mac version, you will be able to open documents in other Quick Reference windows. (Yosimiti seems to be talking about something different - duplicating the entire main window of a project - which is far from a “no brainer” as it’s not something that’s even possible in document-based apps on the Mac.)

You can do it with most PDF reading apps on the Mac. Though yes, writing apps might be a bit more tricky. The latest version of MS Word for Mac you can do it. As can you do it for Apple’s Pages.

But this would be neat if it could be done on Scrivener.

All of these are single-document applications, though, so this is the equivalent of having a single Scrivener sub-document in both halves of the editor window, which is already possible. Duplicating the entire Scrivener project window is much more complex.


I am currently working on a project where I have the translation sent to me in one split, with the version I am editing in the other, the Chinese source in a QuickReference pane and a photo of what the text is about open in another QuickReference pane—so four files from the Scrivener project open. And I have Safari open on an appropriate web page in the background and sometimes Google Maps open in the background too …

I do have to use the iMac or my 17" MBP for that though. On my 13" MBA I could do it, though it would require going backwards and forwards between separate spaces, but it’s easier on the big screen.


It’s definitely not happening in Scrivener, but how do you do that in Pages? I can’t see that it works in Preview either… I can do it in Word, but that doesn’t use Apple’s standard architecture. As Katherine, says, though, all of those just show a single document, and you can already open as many windows of single documents in Scrivener as you want with the Quick Reference feature.

It sounds as if you want to open the same project multiple times. Nope. That won’t happen due to prevention of possible conflict issues while working on the same project on the same system. Which is why there is split screen within Scrivener, within the the scrivener project, to allow you to have side by side or atop another, editor screens.

You can however open separate Projects at the same time. I currently have 5 projects open, 3 of which are on different Monitors, 1 is hidden on a virtual desktop on Monitor 1 that I switch to as needed. The 5th project is either minimized on Monitor 3 or allocated side by side on Monitor 3. The project on Monitor 2, is split between itself, so I can view other info in the project as I write.

To do so, you’d open a project on your 1st Monitor. Once that is open, go to File, Open or File Open recently list. now you have two projects opened, and can just drag one of the projects to your other monitor or virtual desktop.

I am however in a windows environment, so of course it’ll be different on a Mac.