Multpile [Text] items in one page

Hi there,

Struggling with this problem. can some one please help.
My work is organized in multiple [text] items. When i print, it print each [text] item on seperate pages, which is looking very bad as there is alot of empty space.

Is there any option which can be used in order to either keep the [text] in continuation or new page??

Any help will be appreciated.


Ps: I have started using Scrivener since few days, and writing my thesis. Love it.


Yes, basically page breaks are controlled by three different mechanisms in Scrivener (the third is a bit of an oddball, though worth checking if you imported much of this from another word processor).

The main method provides for a “procedural” way of breaking up your book. A good example of that is used in many of our starter templates, and that is when files are placed into folders, where the folders represent sections in the book. With this type of layout, you may have four different topics covered within a chapter, and have those separated as four different files in the chapter.

Now if you visit the Separators pane in [b]File/Compile[/b], you may very well see this being handled as described. Whenever a new folder starts, following a file at any depth, a page break is inserted.

Another common method of working, when chapters are short, is to just use a separate file for each chapter, resulting in a flat list of files. In that case, the first separator option, between text files, would be a good place to put the page break.

The easiest way to make sure no page breaks are coming from here is to of course make sure nothing is set to create a page break.

The second place that Scrivener lets you insert page breaks is with a checkmark for any section. This checkmark is located in the Inspector, “General” section. This is useful whenever you have one section that doesn’t fit in with the procedural arrangement. A good example of that might be the table of contents, or the copyright page.

An easy way to check these is in the Contents compile option pane. The “Page Break Before” checkbox is featured in this list, and you can easily scroll down looking for checkmarks and removing them as necessary.

There is a third way, and that is more like the traditional word processor approach, where you insert a page break character directly into the stream of text in the editor. This is done with [b]Edit/Insert/Page Break[/b], but more often these creep in from documents that started out their life in a traditional word processor, where all page breaks are characters in the text itself. Enable [b]Format/Options/Show Invisibles[/b] to scan for page breaks in the suspected locations. Use the provided command to insert one yourself if you are unfamiliar with what their symbol looks like.

Very helpful.
Thanks again:)