As I wait for the publishing gatekeepers to decide what to do with my latest book, it’s time to turn to my next. What this actually means is a chance to see what new tools are available to help the ‘creative process’ such as it is.

I have been playing around with this service which allows you to prepare an online ‘mural’ for any creative project. I like the fact that you can search for images within the program and simply drag them onto your mural and that you can also drag files onto it from your desktop, add notes, etc.

Of course it may just be another way of procrastinating instead of actually writing, but I like the way you can create a kind of ‘mood board’ for a book (people, places, things) before even knowing what the hell it’s about. You can probably do a lot of this in Scapple (which I have been using in parallel) but people who collaborate might find useful.


I like that you can snap your notes to a grid. That’s one feature that would be great to see in Scapple.

Looks much like Curio with collaboration tools added on.