Music for writing

Well … 0250?rdr=1 here y’ go … no prob :wink:

Vic-k, I think you’ve evolved faster than any of us have in terms of getting crazy shit* off the net. It’s a sixth sense, and I think you’ve got it…maybe you’ll develop telekinetic powers being at the next stage of human evolution!

Can I say words like sht on this forum? Sh*t, I hope I don’t get into trouble.

I think this song was written about Vic-K, and “Dexter” is just a weak cover.

Well, yosi baby, Dev’s just exposed a flaw in your rationale … methinks :smiling_imp:
However, I must admit to finding ahhhh, I could just nod off without too much tro[size=85]u[/size][size=50]b[/size] …[size=50].zzzzzz[/size][size=85]zzzzzz[/size]zzzzzz[size=150]zzzzzz[/size][size=200]zzzzzzz[/size]

Y can say anything you want, yosi baby. as long as it’s enshrouded within its qualifying context. Non-Contextualised profanities and expletives and verbosity, will get you banished to the Scriv for Linux Forum :open_mouth: Once there, you’ll have to wear 1970’s flared trousers, mix with leprechaun-n-gnomes, and learn to speak Penguin!

Being ahead of evolution, and being bonkers can very much be the same thing. Some of the greatest minds were greater because they were absolutely nuts!

So feel proud. And stay crazy. It’s good for the soul.

Ooh, have to add Arvo Part to my list!!!

:laughing: But don’t f’get, old buddy … there ain’t nothin’ as shit-bat-crazy as real life, but you’ll already know that :wink: (just don’t f’get!).

Bats, rats, cats they yearn,
To tell you life is crazy so learn
To live it more thoroughly, you can,
Damn everyone else to hell,
Can’t you tell?
The world ain’t that enough,
It’s bent, rude, it’s rough,
But you gotta keep on going,
Keep to the rhythm, feel the flowing,
Live like you gotta tail,
Railing 'gainst all that fails,
Bats, rats, cats they yearn,
To tell you the life you gotta burn…

Definitely not Byron, impressed, though! 's more like Philip Larkin … oems/14515 contains rude words, so Jaysen … stay away!!.. OK? … Good!

Nah man, you can say it sucks. What can I say, my muse is running, naked people… apparently.

WOT? :open_mouth: Who said it sucks!? Point ‘em out an’ 'll set Tony Harrison on ‘em!
WARNING: [size=85] Contains extensive use of profanity. ‘V’ is a poem by Tony Harrison written during the 1984-1985 miners strike. The poem aroused much controversy when broadcast in a film version on Channel 4. It describes the author’s visit to his parents’ grave in a Leeds cemetery “now littered with beer cans and vandalised by obscene graffiti”. The cemetery in question is Holbeck cemetery in the Beeston area of Leeds which overlooks the Elland Road football ground, close to where Harrison grew up. The poem gives description of the graffiti on the grave, and pays…[/size]

How you come up with this random shit is beyond me bruv…

Dr John, be assured, that, whatever pejorative adjectives you may feel befits The Grand High Master of The Ancient and Noble Order of Hirsuitum Posterious Weldercusi [size=85](Hairy Arsed Welders)[/size], there is nothing random about his actions.

Ninety percent of the time I must listen to music while writing. Mostly I’ll listen to a chill station on Pandora or Soundcloud. No lyrics really. Much distracting.

Solar Fields
Lights out Asia

If I need something epic anything by Hans Zimmer or Thomas Bergerson. 8)

I don’t mind lyrics; this is my favourite:

:laughing: Jimi Hendrix. Good Rock and Roll. Whatever the mood calls for, I have it on tap.

Hey man! :smiley: Rock’n’roll could help you to create magic!

I’m also into rock music, but it depends on my current mood. Sometimes, I prefer listen something instrumental… some doom and dark metal such as Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Theater of Tragedy. Sometimes I listen to music in old icelandic or old norwegian style, such as Wardruna. Bbt there are days, when I can’t write if I don’t listen to some really fast speed metal, trash, or bands like Slayer. I noticed, that I write much faster when I listen to music with high (120+) tempo. :laughing:

I prefer to keep music off as much as possible since I feel like it can change the tone of what I’m writing too often; consistency. I prefer ambient sound the most or something that portrays my story accurately.

Soundtrack pieces are great! I prefer composition work from Japanese animation best. I will tempt you to dig your nails into that.

Music is too distracting for me while writing.

But I needed something to drown out life’s little background noises. So I created some home made white noise by recording 5 minutes of my heater’s blower and looping it. Wearing headphones with that at low volume is still great for helping me focus.

Then one day I had a really productive writing session while flying in coach and realized: “Airplane noise is good!”. So I found and recorded some ambient airliner noise from Youtube. And then, in the spirit of “If a little is good, more must be better”, I mixed in some wind. And rain. All courtesy of youtube.

And that is currently my background music of choice.

Winter Wind:
Jet cabin:

^ Ambiance will tickle your brainwaves. Neural oscillation for the win.