Music Notation / Symbols

Hi, I’m writing a guitar instruction manual and the problem I’m having is that I downloaded some music notation fonts that when I write in Scrivener they do appear (symbols like the “flat”, “natural”, and “sharp”). I then save it as a .doc for epub (I want the book to be sold in Amazon-Kindle) but when I open it in Kindle Previewer 3, these symbols appear as small rectangles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

eReaders include a small set of their own fonts. Many of the fonts don’t include the full Latin-1 set of characters. It is very difficult to include a different font in an EPUB eReader and even harder for a Kindle. When you write using MS Word, or produce a PDF, you can include fonts. But when you run the DOCX file thru KindleGen the fonts won’t be included. When you make an EPUB for Nook, iBook etc. the same is true. In the EPUB case, you can edit the EPUB file using Calibre and might be able to include the font and have it work on some EPUB eReaders.

One reason that this is so difficult is that there are font licensing issues – especially if you are redistributing the font. Amazon and the other eBook distributors don’t want to be sued for copyright infringement for distributing the fonts.

When you create a PDF file, pieces of the font are encrypted and included in the output file. Font licenses usually include this type of use. So you can create a CreateSpace paperback book using special fonts when you can’t can’t create an eBook from the same source.

Welcome to the world of self-publishing ;=}