Music Sheets

Hi there,

I just downloaded a trial version for Mac and I would like to use Scrivener to write Books including Music Sheets.

  1. How can I implement those sheets which are mainly in pdf or jpg file in DIN-A4.

  2. How can I implement small snippets of photos etc and make text wrap around it?

Thanks a lot and cheers,

Images can be dropped into the text editor just as they can be in most word processors. So for the most part you should not find this to be difficult to do at all (just make note of the fact that Scrivener is a research collection system as well as a text editor; dropping a picture into the flow of words is how you put material into the work, but it is also possible to drop graphics straight into the binder, as separate resources so long as they are outside of the Draft area). You’ll probably want to put the full-page plates into their own text file in the draft, and use the “Page Break Before” flag to make sure it takes up its own page as it should, but naturally you’ll want to experiment a bit with that to find the best size metrics and settings. For PDF, that’s fine, just make sure to break out a multipage document into individual PDF files (or images), one per page. One other thing to watch out for with PDF is that they are often already set out to a page (like DIN-A4). You will need to crop out the margin padding and any peripheral information like page numbers, since Scrivener will be resetting your work to margins and page numbers when you compile. Consequently art needs to be sized to fit within the text block (paper size − cumulative margin dimensions), not the full paper size.

Image placement is very simple in Scrivener. This isn’t a book publication engine so much as a writing studio. If you have demanding layout requirements for the final output, you will be handling the desktop design and publishing in software that has been designed for that purpose. If you do not own a word processor, makes a pretty good one for free.

In short, I think you’ll find Scrivener a comfortable environment to work in for illustration heavy works, so long as you aren’t needing to actively design the final output while you’re doing the creative writing. In that case I wouldn’t recommend using Scrivener, or I would only as a staging area (for instance we have people who write graphic novels using Scrivener; obviously they aren’t working in the final art, but just putting together the script itself.