Music Symbols

Greetings -

I’m new to Scrivener and love it as a writing tool. I’m currently writing scripts for music education videos. I want to also provide printable versions of the tutorials as PDF downloads. Everything is straightforward except one crucial bit - adding musical symbols such as flats and sharps in the text. I can insert, for example, a sharp or flat after a letter, but it has to be jiggered to place the accidentals properly, and that can only be done in increments of unknown values (bigger / smaller, raise / lower, looser / tighter). Once I have a configuration I can copy and paste it and then change the letter-name for the note (Eb to Bb, for example). It’s tedious but I can live with it. But because the baseline is raised, line spacing in Scrivener compensates far too much. I can fix the space between the line containing flats and sharps and the line above it but then the line below the flats and sharps is whacked. I really don’t want to settle for using b and # for flat and sharp. This needs to look right.

Any help is greatly appreciated!




These should technically line up properly. (I think)