Must click "Italic" button multiple times to make it work

Chunks of my text need to be in Italics, and I’m going back through the draft and fixing many sections. Using the mouse, I highlight the phrase to be italicized, then I click the “Italic” button above. The selected text does become Italic, but the Italic button appears to remain selected or “pressed in”.

Then I’ll select the next phrase to Italicize. This is when I have to press the “italic” button twice. The first click un-presses it, and has no effect at all. The second click italicizes the selected phrase.

The same thing happens if I use [ctrl]-I instead of clicking the icon.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug? (In which case, I imagine this post belongs elsewhere.)

I have Scrivener 1.0.3 running on Windows 7.


Hello KenH,

This bug has been reported by other users. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.