My backup file doesn't have words, just chapters.

I unzipped the .bak file and got my .scrivx file. But it only loaded all the chapters with no words.
I’m using Crossover on a Chromebook. What’s happening? Thank You.

Can anyone help?

The backup folder needs to replace the entire project folder. the articles are in the docs folder inside the files folder inside the project folder.

Can you point me to a step by step? I don’t know what to do after I unzip the .bak file

Thank you!

When you say you “got my .scrivx file” does that mean you moved it out of the folder it was in? It has to stay where it is when you unzip the backup so it can find the files in the Files>Docs subfolder. With the .scrivx file in its correct folder, a double-click on it will open it.

oh ok, that makes sense. With Crossover, you have to move everything to the downloads folder. After I moved the entire folder, everything worked.
Thank You