My content in my subfolders is no longer showing when I click on chapter folder

Hi There, I used to be able to click on my chapter folder and it would display whatever I’d written in there plus everything I’d written in the subfolders of that chapter (in other words, the entire chapter, with entire word count would show). Now if I click on the chapter, it just shows what’s written in there (the intro to the chapter). I have to click on each subfolder individually to see the content in each. Ideas for fixing this? THANK YOU!

Sounds like you left Scrivenings mode. You can toggle it back on with for instace 1.


Wow thanks!! That totally worked. When is anything that easy? (-:

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Since toggling it back on, Scrivener takes me back to the beginning of sections rather than where I left off if I leave that section and come back again. Any easy fix for that? I googled but can’t find anything. Thank you!

How do you leave and come back?