My debut historical is in bookstores


I spent eight years writing my debut novel, Watermark, about papermaking in the Middle Ages, which came out from HarperCollins this year. I would have been far less organized without Scrivener, which I found a few years back. I’m working on my next historical and am thrilled to be using Scrivener from the start. It’s made keeping track of my research so much simpler.

Vanitha Sankaran

Congratulations on a successful launch.
Watermark looks intriguing. :open_mouth:
Good Luck with future endeavours.


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I hope Watermark is a roaring succes,
All the best,

Will do!!

Hearty congratulations!

Watching the trailer and reading the synopsis, you’ve definitely woven something that looks very interesting out of a subject I would probably have not given a second thought to had I even thought of it while pondering the context of a new novel.

Well done, I applaud you :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Great reviews on Amazon. Writing fiction of this sort to me requires the greatest skill of writing so I salute you.