My favourite book ever

Yesterday I re-read my favourite book: Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

Just thought I’d share.

That is a superb book.

When I was young, I unwittingly named a stuffed mouse Algernon. Later in life, since I could not change the name of the creature at that point, I got a lot of scandalized remarks about it from my friends. :neutral_face:

mous sounds nice. ur luky to hav a mous.

wish i could rite a book lik that. Reckon if i try reely hard i mite get smart enuff to oneday rite something that gud.
Jon at wurk says I shud forget it. You aint ever gettin smart enuff to rite an you should stik to finance lik you is paid for he says. Im going to keep tryin. I have frends on the interweb to help.
I like my frends they say nice things and encurag me to write more. They are all gud writers.
The more I try the better my writing gets. It can be a struggle to find the time but Im getting there.
I’m getting better all the time. Each day I learn something new and my writing is really improving.

Still, ‘Flowers For Algernon’ is a remarkably well executed piece of literature. Perhaps it takes more than practice and hard work?

Maybe there is an operashun I cud have. id rite reely gud then

An hour or so’s procrastination :slight_smile:

Have only read the short story, didn’t realize there was a longer version of this… going on my too read list.