My feedback to improve Scrivener

Dear Scrivener team,
I was using this app for awhile now. This is the best writing experience so far!!
However, I would like to share with you my thoughts to improve some minor aspects of the program.

▪[b] Group bookmark files into a folder[/b]: It would be great if we could arrange files/folders inside Bookmark section. 

▪ [b]Close Split View[/b] by clicking on the slide you want to close not vice versa: I've got the habit of closing a tab by clicking on "Toggle Split".

▪[b] Table border[/b] does not have the same color and I had to do it manually to paint it black out of grey. The default is 2 Rows and 3 Columns. When I create more than the default, the extra will be in grey. 
	○ My solution to paint it black: Paint the whole table to different color than black, then again paint it black.

▪ Link to Document would be even better if it is advanced to [b]link to files in Bookmarks[/b]

▪ [b]Open Corkboard files[/b]: I can see there are two ways to do this (1. click on the icon or somewhere near it; 2. right-click on the Corkboard and Open > ... {PS: I just tried and found another way: click on the Corkboard and Space}. 
	○ Another thinking: select a corkboard file and it pops up many options next to/above it (not over it cause it will obstruct the view of content), then you click on whatever option you want. 

▪ [b]Formatting Finder[/b]: I would like to see the list of all items matching with the specific formatting rather than seeing one item at the time. 
	○ Advanced: Search multiple formatting criteria at the same time

▪ [b]Icon changing problem[/b]: I imported an image and name it "Slenderman" then I removed and changed with another image and named the same "Slenderman", but the previous removed image just coming back instead of the new one. 

▪[b] Default just specific sections In preferences[/b]: The "Defaults" in Preferences makes all the section (General, Editing, Behaviors, Appearance, Corrections, Sharing, Backup) to go Default. What if I just want to default only Behaviors ?

▪ [b]Confusing between highlight icon and text color icon[/b]: I thought the other way around.

▪[b] Lack of outline pane to navigate within a document[/b]: I love using Document Outline in Google Docs to navigate the content within a single document. So it would be marvellous if it could also be applied in Scrivener, such as adding a Document Outline pane next to The Binder !!

Thank you for reading my concerns.
Hope these changes would be adapted to the next version.
Stay safe and be productive!!

I think we have some of that.

  1. “select a corkboard file and it pops up many options” — doesn’t Ctrl-click already do that?

  2. Project Bookmarks sit in a dedicated folder already — in the Binder, not Inspector — and you can arrange a hierarchy within it. Place it at the top of the Binder, and it’s easy to reach.

  3. Isn’t this the “link to files in Bookmarks” feature you’re asking for?

[attachment=0]link to bookmarks.jpg[/attachment]

The “Scrivener” answer is that if you need a Document Outline, you should make your documents smaller and use the Binder instead. The “ideal” document size is whatever the smallest organizational unit of your project happens to be.


Thank you DRMAJORBOB and KEWMS for your replies.

  1. It is true that you right-click and it pops up many options. But I just gave my thoughts that it would be cooler to select and it pops up, may be only options you mostly do.

  2. I know that we can use Collection or Project Bookmarks, but how can you create a folder in Document Bookmarks and arrange them with subfiles ? Sometimes I just need to focus on a specific document with all the reference files arranged in Document Bookmarks.

  3. Nope. You still linked to a document in your binder. What I meaned was external files, such as jpg, mp4, … in Document Bookmarks that you drop in. I found that these files can still be linked as long as they’re in Binder. So If I wanted to link to a Document Bookmarks, first I add them to Binder (extra step), such as in Research folder, then I could link them.

To Katherine,

I see your point of view. This is clever. So I create a multiple subfiles in a folder, which is easy to navigate just like Document Outline and I could still see the whole full document in Scrivener mode (selecting the folder).

However, it is still not really convenient for the fact that if you are in the middle of subfile in a folder (say 100 subfiles in a single folder), you have to click every single subfile in the Binder to navigate back and forth or doing extra step to go back to a folder and scroll all the way down to a specific subfile.
(Not to mention if I wanted to copy my journal to Scrivener, I have to put each of them in a separate document, instead of just past a whole chunk of them in a single document and navigate with Document Outline.)

Still, I found another solution: using Comments or Footnote to mark down each “subfile” in a single document. That way, I could still navigate just like Document Outline.

(1) right-click is one click the same as a click to select, so I don’t see a significant difference.

  1. “how can you create a folder in Document Bookmarks and arrange them with subfiles ?”
    By creating folders in it and putting other bookmarks under them.

For the first, you could use the Search command, or you could use the Outline view in a split editor pane to focus on a specific part of the Binder. Or you could create sub-folders. For a journal, for example, you might create monthly and/or weekly folders within an annual folder.

For the second, use the Import and Split command.