My Feelings for Scrivener...

I feel (and think) Scrivener for Windows is not only the best writing software I’ve ever used, it’s the best software, Period, I’ve ever used! :smiley:

Where can I find notices of when new features will be added (though, this may be a totally useless question since I’m set up for Updates)…

Thanks for the praise! Glad to hear you’re getting some good use out of the software.

Keeping the update notification on is the lowest maintenance way of hearing when things change. We also have a low-volume newsletter you can subscribe to (in the Help menu). That is typically one or two messages a year, not counting any large update notices that may go out as well. If you’d rather not sign up to a newsletter, we do also have Twitter and Facebook groups that are higher volume (it’s a good way to stay informed of select blog articles and tutorials that pop up on the Web as well).


Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

I’m already signed-up for the newsletter—doubt I’d want to try to follow on Facebook or Twitter :cry:

Say, are you one of the “moderators” or “official” folks around here?

Yeah, I’m one of those “official” people that is supposed to be on holiday. :wink:

A Scrivener user may work from sun to sun, but a mod’s work is never done, eh AmberV. :slight_smile:

You have no idea!