My few suggestions so far

I’ve got a little folder at the bottom of my project called, “Scrivener usage notes.” Here’s what’s in it so far.

I could totally be missing something on all of these (see the last.)

Why, when I click on a cork-board card, does it not open the card? It should do something at least, maybe tell me how to open it?

I wish when I clicked on the corkboard itself, that it opened a new item (like cmd-n). Gotta use those mouse-clicks for something.

Wish I could add an “alias” or mirrored folder to the left menu thing, that would mirror changes in another folder there. I want my table of contents folder mirrored inside my “format” file, with changes in either reflected in both. (I wish Safari bookmarks would do this too if you can take care of that for me.)

I wish I could highlight a folder of stuff and print a quick version of it, without all the checkboxes in the “compile draft” process. I just want one page with my six index cards of web addresses on it. Oh, there’s an easier way? “Choose folder” up at the top. Why didn’t I see that? Could it be easier?

That’s all for now, back to writing, but I thought I’d dump those if they’re helpful.


Thanks for trying out Scrivener and for taking the time to leave feedback - much appreciated!

I’m not quite sure what you are expecting here. What happens when you click on a file in the Finder? Nothing - clicking just selects the file. The same in the corkboard. If a single-click did anything else, the power of the corkboard would be destroyed, as you wouldn’t be able to drag cards around, which is the whole point. So, clicking selects; click-dragging moves them around. Double-clicking edits them, double-clicking on the icon in the corner opens the document. If you have a split pane open and click on the two arrows icon in the footer bar of the corkboard, clicking on an index card will open the document in the other split (like a three-pane outliner). If that is the behaviour you are after, then be sure to click one the two arrows icon (you must have a split for that to work, as I say).

In 2.0 there will be a Preference to allow double-clicking to create new cards. Single-clicking would be two annoying as it would be too easy to create a card by mistake (and even double-clicking will be a preference you have to turn on as I would find that annoying myself).

What do you mean by your “format” file? I’m afraid there are no plans for anything like aliases as such, but 2.0 will introduce a new feature that will allow users to achieve much the same thing in a slightly different way.

Compile Draft is generally for the export and printing of the final draft, where you want to pretty everything up and get it all into some sort of format. For a quick print, just select the files you want and use Edit Scrivenings, then just use File > Print to print that.

Thanks again and all the best,