My first book in English is out

Hello fellow writers,

my wife said: ”You have to publish this in English! It should be read all over the whole.“

Maybe you think that my wife is so enthusiastic because she loves me. She does I presume, but she keeps her own taste anyway, eg. she doesn’t like my novel. Really! She hates the main character. She never says ‘brillant’ when she proofreads my essays. She only sums up the typos she found.

So I was very impressed to hear her say this and I complied. I worked together with a translator who made a wonderful translation of my small book. I hope you love it too. … 00BGPS26W/ … B00BGPS26W

Needless to say that it was written with Scrivener.


Young Master juh,
I have just downloaded your ‘small book’. Using my human’s Kindle account, not that he’ll notice.
I trust that there is nothing embarrassingly lewd therein? :slight_smile:
Congratulations Master juh.

Thank you very much for your kind words, Fluff. I am extremely happy that you like the book, notwithstanding the fact, that there is no mouse in it.

Young Master juh,
Having read you polemical pamphlet yesterday, and pondered, intermittently since, upon the content therein, I will, during the course of today, find time to reread said pamphlet, in order to confirm or reappraise, as the case maybe, my impressions gained during the first reading.

Whilst no mice are mentioned or identified, e.g., Mickey[size=85]&[/size] Minnie, I think we can take it as a given, that Mother Nature engaged the services of our rodent cousins, along with our winged cousins, in the distribution, propagation and re-sowing of grains and seeds along the tracks and pathways, trudged by our stone age forebears, as indeed, She still does, in the 21st Century.

I came across this, and wondered if it would be of interest to you?:

As I’m sure this is: … revolution
and this: … ting-seeds
as well as: … -slideshow

Take care

Thanks for the guardian links and the link to the pamphlets library! What a great idea!

When I have open the amazon I just got the message

"This title is not available for customers from your location "

How I can get it. Is there any other way or direct send to my mailing address… if you have ebook the please share with me


nice! book. i like it .you have done an excellent job.

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