My first ever novel!

I did it! After years and years of failures and giving up, I finally managed to write a full length novel!



I am beyond excited that it is finally published and available to the world. Though also pretty nervous since it is my first story.

How did everyone else feel when they published their first story? How did you advertise it?

Welcome to the forum, Nikolas.

Thanks for the heads up. I am a sucker for covert ops novels. They appeal to my darker sneakier side.

11 bucks is a bit steep though - not sure I can justify that much from the limited cash I can snag from the human’s pockets.

Congratulations! Good job! :smiley:

I do agree with Floss though: eleven dollars may be a bit steep for a first-time Kindle publisher. I think you should be aiming for about half that.

And I wish I could help with the marketing side. Bit clueless on that front myself … :blush:

Welcome aboard the dodgy old pirate tub, Scrivener, the scourge of the Seven Seas! :open_mouth: WOT!, all right then, The Manchester Ship Canal?.
Anyway…wherever. You maysize=50[/size] regret joining the crew, and seek an, out. Don’t bother, others have been trying for years…there aint one :frowning:

I have to agree with Rayz and the mangy cat. Your aspirations to meggawongadom, may be a tad premature. For less than the £7.10p, you’re asking for the Kindle version of, Agent 147 vic -k could pick up a brand new paperback copy, whilst pushing a trolly round Tesco/Walmart, of a, John Le Carre, Len Deighton, P D James, Patricia Cornwell, Michael Connelly, or any of the numerous other famous authors, even those in the many disparate genre.

Do yourself a favour Nic, and half the price of your Kindle version, at least. If 147 is any good, the benefit to be derived from positive word of mouth recommendation’s will make up for any initial shortfall in your pecuniary expectations, I’m sure.
Hearty congratulations, Nic, well done

Indeed, follow the pricing advice of these chaps…

Right then young Nicholas! Two cats and a pig can’t be wrong :wink: Get that price down to $4-$4.50,£2 £2.50 and I’ll be downloading it on Vic-k’s Kindle account. Leave it where it is? Then I wish you luck.But…
Take care

I took your advice everyone and lowered the Kindle edition down to just $4.99. Unfortunately on the print version I don’t have that option right now.

Your Kindle edition, is up @ $7 ($6.90) and over £4 at Amazon UK. That’s to much to expect someone to fork out on an unknown author, even as a act of support and encouragement for a fellow Scriv crew member.

£4+ is too much to risk on the possibility of reading a chapter or two before realising it’s wasted money.

You really should read this again:
If 147 is any good, what you want is, EXPOSURE! Look how low they charged. I wouldn’t pay more than £2 £2.50. All the Scriveners’ stuff I’ve downloaded (4+?) so far, are there for around £2 £2.50.

Think seriously about the rationale behind this marketing strategy.

Don’t forget that (in the UK at least) Amazon is obliged to charge VAT on eBooks (unlilke their printed equivalents) which will be adding a additional 20% over whatever you put in.

Does $3.99 sound ok?

I’ll buy that! And I’ll buy the ebook too :wink:

Agent-147-Weaponized-Insanity-ebook’s synopsis presents an intriguing scenario. At that price , a guy boarding a plane at JFK/Manchester for Seattle/Tenerife looking for something to read en route, won’t think twice about downloading 147, if it sounds like his kind of book. He can afford to download another at a similar with it.

In terms of e-publishing, we’ll soon be facing a veritable tsunami of self-publishing authors, I think we can take that as a given. You need to attract as much attention now, before the full force of the first wave makes landfall. It would be a shame if a great tale goes ignored because of price.

$4 may not seem much recompense for all those years of effort and frustrated aspirations. The dividend will come when that guy boarding the plane from Seattle/Tenerife to JFK/Manchester, wonders if that Mason guy’s next book is out there and he does a search of Kindle’s Store. :wink:
I’m sure you’ve done the right thing, Nik.
I’m looking forward to reading your book.
Tons of luck with it :smiley:

P.S. Unfortunately, as yet, it’s still up on Amazon UK as £4.26p instead of £2.48p

Hah, yeah, I know, Amazon takes a really long time to let me adjust the price. As soon as I can, which should be sometime this evening, the price will be lowered to $3.99.

Looking forward to reading 147! :smiley:

Finally got the price changed!


All very :open_mouth:


Congratulations, Nicolas,


  1. I take it you used Scrivener to set it all up or did you have someone help you with the design, cover design, etc. and used some other software?
  2. Did you have someone do the style editing?

As for the price, I agree regarding the Kindle version. As first-time author you will need exposure and for a low price people are willing to spend those few bucks on an unknown name if the blurb catches their attention. Regarding exposure, and as I haven’t read the novel it’s hard to tell, but perhaps you did some background study on the technology you are talking about (what inspired you to present such a theme), which may be a subject worth presenting in some conferences at libraries, etc. A lot of starting writers set up tours to gain exposure. It works better for non-fiction, as the theme is clear. But you may wish to see if any bookstores may be willing to set up a coffee-evening with invitations, etc. It attracts potential buyers (of any, not just your books), and you may need to arrange for the coffee yourself. A professional publisher would take care of such tours for their authors, which is the reason why self-publishing is an uphill struggle.

Good luck,