My first novel published - and why Scrivener

My first novel, BONE MACHINES, is being published in December 2007. I’m thrilled about it, but I discovered annoying proofing things, such as characters still having their original names (which I changed in one draft, but obviously missed when I sent it to the publisher). Scrivener, however, is helping me be more structured, keep track of my characters and storylines, and much more. My copy of Word officially now gets the elbow. Not that I blame Word for my proofing errors!

Congratulations! Was the title inspired by Tom Waits or the Pixies? Let us know when it comes out. What’s it about?

Glad Scrivener is helping you these days. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Yes, the title was inspired by Tom Waites. I’m a big fan. BONE MACHINES is a crime novel, set in Glasgow, about a serial killer who makes sculptures from the bones of his victims (just to start with).

It will be available from December through Amazon, and the publisher:


It sounds like just the kind of thing I like.

Murder, mayhem, and maybe Scots eating their own cooking?

Congratulations, John!

Sounds great. Please send a reminder to the forum as soon as it becomes available on amazon.
I’ll be ordering a copy for sure!


Thanks for the kind words. And thanks, Tim, for offering to order a copy. What a star!.

Don’t know the Amazon location yet, but think it’s the publisher’s storefront. You can order direct from them, also. I will post details once it’s all live.

Oh, and that crack about Scots cooking from an earlier post - yes, you’re probably right. I consider myself a good cook, and I haven’t eaten the dreaded Scotch pie since a football match in 1974, but you may have given me an idea for the sequel…

[quote=“John Dodds”]
I consider myself a good cook, and I haven’t eaten the dreaded Scotch pie since a football match in 1974


Erm… I’ve always enjoyed a Scotch pie. Coming from a Scots, is there something I should be aware of? :open_mouth:

PS. The book certainly looks intreaguing. I’ll certainly be on the look out for a copy.


Fantastic news! Congratulations!


I’m pretty thrilled about it, and appreciate your supportive comments. It’s not a big, mainstream publisher, but they’ve been so helpful with the handholding and promotion and every stage that I couldn’t have asked for more.

You can get some of my work elsewhere, too, free(!), such as the forthcoming RAPUNZEL’S ROOM on the Pseudopod horror podcast: Not there yet, but should be on (you can get it from the site or through I-Tunes, etc) later in November or sometime December.

Plus my story, Dr North’s Wound, is still online - though it also appeared in the hardback and paperback anthology Breaking Windows: A Fantastic Metropolis Sampler (Prime Books). Dr North is a gothic tale, and not at all the style of Bone Machines, which is contemporary.

I always get a real charge when a Scrivener user makes it to the boards.

Just excellent news and thanks for sharing - it is an inspiration to know that real writers use Scrivener.

Possible Title: Sweeney McTodd - the bagpipes, shortbread, whisky and tartan barber of Edinburgh.



Could this be Dodds taking the baton off Rankin.

Heartiest Congrats John

Good Luck


Thanks for taking my crack about Scot cooking graciously, you can’t see my grin online.

It’s just that I’m terrified of haggis.

They can be quite vicious. Especially when cornered during the hunting season, or when protecting their young :wink:

Haggis (or Haggi, as they are known collectively) can be terrifying at first. Unless you know their fatal weakness, which is that one leg is shorter than the other. The reason for this is it helps them run around the sides of hills faster, and canter across tussocky peat bogs. And if you haven’t seen a Haggis stampede through the heather, you haven’t lived.

is a [snort] acceptable for a single post?

I trust you mean a snort of laughter, and not cocaine, Pink?

That was my intention, however I hear the latter does wonders for your writing (if you’re Robert Louis Stevenson or Jules Verne)