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I just bought my copy of Scrivener about a week ago. I learned about it by accident, looked it over, downloaded a trial copy, and bought it the next day. It seemed like a really comfortable and multi-faceted ‘writer’s environment’ as opposed to a single-purpose program. I’ve always made heavy use of 3x5 and 4x6 file-cards in my process. How nice to have them as a part of the writing program AND to be able to shift and shuffle them at will and have their texts always attached and updated!

Anyway, I’m very happy with the program so far. It has already helped me with some thorny final revisions in a 99.9% ‘finished’ novella and even inspired me to dig out a long abandoned full-length piece and actually make progress in reviving it. What more could one ask? No buyer’s remorse here!

Frequent requests for “beer dispenser module” and/or “cheese-its dispenser module” have been ignored.

Glad to hear it.

If you haven’t taken time to do it yet, take a quick look at the FAQ and run through the tutorial. 90% of the questions you might want to ask are probably covered there. The other 10% may be already answered on the forums here. If you have any questions at all feel free to post them here and someone will provide an answer. If you are lucky it won’t be me, that vic-k guy or the flying feather duster called Wock. There are a few other miscreants lurking, but the +3 are the worst.

Anyway, welcome aboard and get back to writing.

Thanks for your post, and thanks for buying. I’m glad Scrivener is working out well for you so far. Welcome to the forums!
All the best,

One thing I’d like to add…

All writers are more or less peculiar about the writing act. Environment has always been important to me. A room, or a space, where the vibes were right, or at least could be made to be right. I have such a room in my home and it’s where my most intense sessions take place. But one of the things I liked at once about Scrivener is that it seemed to replicate that whole environment thing within the program itself. When I work in Scrivener I am IN a supportive environment, wherever I happen to be. And using S. within my work-room just adds to the ‘workness’ of the envrionment.

I don’t have nearly the experience with S. that others here do. Just thought I would add this little note about the feel of the program. So far.


My human, vic-k has a place like that: the Vault of the Red Lion. Judging by the state he`s usually in when he staggers home, you can tell straight away, that he has had another intense session.

Welcome to Scrivener Dunesman
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You really should keep a leash on him. I know you and many other felines relish your independence, but both dog and men (I know it can be hard to tell them apart, but they are in fact 2 distinct species) need to be controlled at all times. As you can tell even the worst of men can be made to do the bidding of their superiors when properly trained and controlled.


[size=75]sorry vic-k, she made me type it[/size]

Dearest Snort,
The observation above, attests to your astute and perspicacious grasp, of all things pertaining to the Human Condition, with its myriad manifestations, contradictions, and connotations. It holds true for 99.99999999999999999% of the time. Unfortunately, however, I think my wino/dipsomaniac human, belongs with the .00000000000000001% of humans bereft of hope. In short…he only relates to the World, as seen through an alcoholic miasma :frowning:

But! Thank you for your kind advice, Snort. :slight_smile:
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Ha! Now I understand the pirate hat.

It does suit him doesn`t it.

PS What are the dunes made of, and where are they? :confused: