My first use

Just found this app this morning…already pretty much hooked. I’ve been waiting for something that can get me out of Office. I stubbornly used Pages for months before giving it up as a bad job, for typing at least.

Anyway, I’m a grad student doing two degrees: one Public History (lots of writing) and one in Education (lots of creation). Am hoping that Scriv can fill both areas.

First use: I am completing four scholarship/fellowship applications, and the essays have been driving me mad. it’s such a pain to brainstorm in normal word processors, and cut-and-paste can waste so much time. The split view is ideal. Paired with the note-cards, I can create a basic outline, then use the lower pane to look over info I want to include.

Just now I’ve started on an opinion essay. The top pane shows my “pro” writing, the lower shows my “con” writing, and the inspector pane shows all my ideas for one or the other. I have all of my info accessible in one window. Best of all, no more annoying Word cut-and-paste, clicking on each window every time.

THANKS for a GREAT app! :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile: Glad you are putting it through its paces - and good look with your degrees.