My Impression

So far I’d say I’m liking it. I love the binder approach, it makes it easier to keep an eye on what I have already started (I tend to forget :blush: ). I had heard about Scrivener but I prefer Windows and never thought I’d get a chance to try it. Like many others this month, I decided to test due to NaNo and this is actually making organizing my work a bit easier. I have been using Liquid Binder, which I do love, but this is also quickly becoming a favourite.

I would like to know if there will be or are dictionary packages? I’m Canadian, our spelling is a strange mix of British and US :smiley:.

I’d also like to know if there will be a possibility of splitting screens/editors more than once. Not too many times of course, the would be confusing, but a third, possibly fourth would be welcomed.

Thank you for making a version of this for Windows.

There will definitely be dictionary options, as in Scrivener for Mac. However, there will definitely not be the option to split the editor more than once - it just isn’t something that Keith likes. Instead, at some point, the Windows version will catch up to the Mac one and contain QuickReference windows, which should fulfil the same function as you want, but will look better and be easier to manage - basically, they allow you to look at and edit other things while working in the split editor. Have a look on the Mac part of the site to see what they look like.

I’m not sure how far away that is, though - depends on what Lee et al have to work on beforehand. At the moment, getting everything stable and bringing the Scrivener 1 features online is consuming all the time. After this, they’ll turn to bringing in extras from Mac 2.0.