My Inline Annotation Setting Will Not Save

I am trying to change the settings of my Inline Annotations to black text with yellow highlights, but the setting changes will not save. Somehow I was able to chane and save the text from red to black, but now there is not highlight at all, and when I try to chane the highlight to yellow, it will not save moving forward.

When you right click on annotation are getting the dialog?
Need to highlight words inside the annotation to change the color.
Are you clicking ok after changing the color.

Does this occur on all projects or just one?

Hello GoalieDad. Thank you for your reply.

Right now how the settings work is I place my cursor when I want my inline annotation. >Insert >Inline Annotation. When I type there is a dialog box around it. the text is black, and there is no colored highlight.

Once the annotation is there I highlight the whole dialouge box and I right click and select > highlight, then I select the color yellow. Sometimes it turns the text a highlighted gray, sometimes it turns it a highighted yellow, sometimes it does nothing. It all seems pretty random.

There is no “OK” prompt after changing the color.

I am using Scrivener on Windows.

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Inline annotation is set by tweaking the font’s color, not an highlight.
The box and the text will take the color you then pick.
Future annotations will recall this color until tweaked otherwise.

I missed it before, when highlight Inline annotation and right click must choose text color to change color of inline annotation not highlight color. see image below.

Thank you both. I appreciate it.

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