My laptop was wiped recently - is there any way I can retrieve my scrivener activation code?


So, my laptop was wiped recently. I’ve managed to retrieve all my data and get it working again, but an issue has arisen: all my programs are gone, Scrivener included.

I only used my activation code once, so I should still have one use left (that is how it works, right?) - but I can’t remember what it is, whether I wrote it down anywhere, anything.

Is there anyway I can get that code back? Will it be linked to an account somewhere that I can log onto and find? Or, like, prove that I bought it in the first place? Admittedly I’m not sure how I’d go about that, but one step at a time and all.

If need be I’ll bite the bullet and just buy it again (!) but I’d like to try and exhaust all options first.

Thanks all!

Just drop a note to the helpful folks at L&L.

Ah, how would I go about doing that?

Thank you very much!