My lips are sealed:-):-):-) … er-hashtag

Surely the Guardian is read almost exclusively by champagne socialists who shop at Waitrose and smoke roll-ups?

For nearly a century – which is as far back as I can remember – a basic rule of PR has been, “I don’t care what you say about me, so long as you spell my name right.”

Now, of course, with the decline of spelling and other old-fashioned niceties, it may be enough merely to indicate with some accuracy the name/title/designator of the object.

A class codicil to this rule may be incorporated for the benefit of Mitt Romney.


:laughing: The thing is, some of those tweets have the ring of truth.

! know! I know! One hesitates to take issue with you, since one purchases one’s unicorn’s Dry Powder Shampoo from them.

Head and Shoulders shampoo bleached its fur…made it look like a soddin’ zebra. Better to pay the few extra shekels, and get quality gear.
Take care,

So if you are a Twitter user does that make you a “Twit”?

Of course, pige, you do recall what young Master Cameron had to say about tweets, don’t you?