My Mac Book becomes a steam engine......Compiling Problems with Scrivener and .mobi

Hello Guys, i just finished my book, approx 500 Pages (35-40Mb) and 50 jpegs each 3-4 Mb. I am using the new and fastest Macbook Pro with max configuration. When compiling to epub, it starts becoming a steam engine, full-throttle ventilators kicking, and finally, after 2-3 minutes, it worked out. Then I tried to compile to Kindle .mobi and the ventilator kicked in much faster and Scrivener crashed after 45 seconds. I tried 3-4 times and no chance. Is there any limitation on the graphics I put into the file, or what may be the problem. I am trying to save the world :wink:, and I have not much time to do so, Any fast help is highly appreciated.

Thx in advance.


This previous discussion on graphic file size management may be of some help. In that case they were looking to trim down the size of their PDF file, but most of the techniques shared and talked of in that thread are equally applicable to ebooks.

Personally I would definitely look into optimising your ebook, that is very much on the “oversized” spectrum, and most vendors will charge you more for having it that large, as it costs them more bandwidth to send it to readers. Plus large books can overload older, or even modern dedicated ereader devices, which tend not to be powerhouses like portable phones or tablets are.

That all said, the timings you post are not that concerning, and I’m not even sure if optimising the graphics would make it compile quicker. Two minutes is not in my opinion anything to worry about for a 500 page book! It takes about 15 or 20 minutes to compile the user manual for Scrivener, and if my machine ran hot, it would be blowing the fan the whole time I’m sure. :slight_smile: But you may be running into memory issues with Amazon’s Mobi converter, you may need to optimise no matter.

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