My Macbook has died

It’s sitting in it’s bag waiting to go off to the Apple shop.

When I press the on button: nothing happens.
Literally, nothing at all.

I have tried resetting the Power Manager. I have tried cleaning the the bit that connects the battery to the rest of it.

Nothing at all.

If anyone knows why this has happened and how to fix it, let me know - otherwise it’ll be in the hands of the Apple people.
This could work in my favour - the LEA are giving me a Macbook Pro in September, so if I get a refund, rather than a replacement, then I don’t have to worry about selling my Macbook.


In other news, I’ve started Yoga

Could be that the book was mad at you for constantly ignoring it for extended periods of time…

OK, all seriousness aside, these systems have FEELINGS. It isn’t like they are mechanized automatons that that break down for purely physical conditions. You ignore, harass, irritate, malign or in other ways cause them discomfort and they will SEEK REVENGE in a way that will make you wish that they were just a teenage girl accusing you of cheating with her sister (a better looking and less annoying sister)(BTW marring the sister who you were not cheating with can turn out to be a good idea in the long run, worked for me anyway). So consider a new peripheral or two. Something new and shinny with a lot of blinking LEDs. Or maybe a new fluffy piece of software.

Sorry. On to reality (which of course SUCKS). Things happen. Probably a bad component on the logic board. If you are under warrantee Apple (or apple care) is pretty good about taking care of things like this. If you aren’t then you might be a bit disappointed. Let us know how things turn out. If you get in a jamb there may be options that we can point you towards.

These may be totally silly suggestions, but given my experience, I’ll give them anyway:

  1. Have you tried removing the battery, connecting it to the mains and trying to boot it like that? Just in case it’s actually the battery that is the problem …

  2. Do you carry it and the mains power thingy round with you very much? When you connect it to the mains, does the little orange/green LED on the magnetic connector come on? I had to buy a new power pack, because with all the carrying around, the very fine wires in the lead to the MBP had got broken where they leave the power pack with continual wriggling and twisting while being packed up/carried around in the backpack.

Hope it’s sorted quickly.


I have tried booting it with and without Batteries and Mains power in every combination I can - including neither (which is meant to reset the power manager).

And neither work. I’m not under Apple care any more, my warranty is a year long warranty and I got it in April 2007, so I have a bad feeling about this. I hope it doesn’t become as useful to me as a shiny white tray - I would expect other manufacturers to have their products break just after the warranty expires, but not from Apple.

Go to your Apple Sore (if it has re-opened after the iPhone debacle …) Book online to see a Genius (booking opens 48hrs before the time slot so if you want a specific time get online the minute booking opens).
I recently had two problems with my MacBook out of warranty (chipped case top and busted charger connector) that I expected big row or payment for as the Computer Warehouse warranty I thought I had wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on!! I took my machine into Birmingham - was seen on the dot of 2pm and my revived MacBook was ready for me at 4pm. Exemplary I think.
So, throw your self at a Genius…

How terribly sad about your Mac. However, I think it quite wonderful that now you will have lots of time to work on your yoga practice. I mean, let’s keep priorities straight, here! :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear this! Any update?

Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have purchased the Apple Care with my MacBook Pro. In hindsight, do you think it is worth it?


My warrantee expired before I purchased mine. The LCD (which has been replaced 4 items) is acting up. Apple is leaving me to pay for it myself. Buy the care plan just to save yourself this frustration.

For the record this is the only beef I have with apple. They should let us “recertify” a machine that is out of warrantee. i would even pay a fee for the bench time required. Apple is the only vendor I deal with that will not budge on this front.

I bet it is a defective power brick (The actual cable). These things are a little sensitive to “dirty” electricity and tend to burn up. Especially this is frequent for people who are college students and live in Dorms or Apartments, People who live in Townhouses, or people who travel a lot and tend to stay at Hotels or use random outlets (like at airports, coffee shops, etc).

Simple test is find someone who has a Mac with the same adapter and try their adapter to see if you get power.

PS: Apple Care is a MUST on all Apple Laptops. That is unless you have tons of money and are the risk taker sort :slight_smile:

Okay - duly noted. I’ll purchase the warranty. I’m well past the MacBook Pro’s sticker shock, so why not? hard to believe I’ve had it almost four months. Harder to believe that I’ve actually become so fond of the darn thing.

Wock - seems you are a huge brain when it comes to Macs. I’ve found value in a lot of your Mac posts. Thanks. Hope this helps Sebbi.

OH God, JW do NOT pet the bird. Ruffle his feathers all you want, jsut don’t get him feeling all high and mighty.

I have had my MBP17 for over a year now. Best $$ I ever spent. Right next to the wedding ring anyway.

Yep … as I said, it could well be that the copper filaments in the wire from the power-brick to the 'puter have got broken just at the point of entry to the power-brick through repeated twisting. It happened to me. But easier to find someone with the same adapter in London than here in Xiamen!


I concur … though I’ve had the MBP17 for coming up to 2 years and love it. I also love my new MBA as I’m not having to carry such a heavy load around with me all the time now and it’s really great, but the keyboard on the MBP wins hands down for me.

As for wedding rings, yeah … £13 for hers and £9 for mine over 38 years ago. Mind you, she stopped actually wearing hers some time ago and I had to have mine cut off about 4 years ago — it literally hadn’t left my finger for 17 years — a result of digital expansion, for both of us. You can still see where mine was … just!


Update is thus:

I took it to the Apple shop
Apple shop told me that to repair it would cost about £500 and suggested I sell it for parts
I decided to get my Macbook Pro insured once I leave Uni (I get Apple care while I’m at Uni from the government)
I am going to enjoy my time only having sporadic access to the computer and get bendy and write letter.

I like letters.